Indoor & Outdoor Sessions

Let's talk LOCATION.

I love holding my sessions outdoors, but I also know that is not always a possibility. Weather and seasons affect everything, so I work with you to determine the best location for your session. I do not own a studio, but we have a variety of local indoor studio spaces available for rent. Please reach out if you would like more information!

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As a mother myself, I think pregnancy is one of the most beautiful miracles...even if you don't feel beautiful! I love aiding in the preservation of this moment in your life, as well as showing you how beautiful you truly are.

from: $250


I love family portrait sessions. Not only for the "framable" photos, but also for the little moments that could be missed if you're not looking closely. I love to capture each family member's personality through my camera lens, too!

from: $250

Lifestyle NB + Baby

I cherish the images from when my babies first came into this world, as well as while they grow and go through developmental stages. These are priceless moments that deserve to be documented!

from: $250 (Contact for newborn)


Everyone deserves to feel beautiful! Allow me to spend this time with you, helping you see just how fabulous you are. I promise there will be lots of laughs!

FROM: $550

Professional Headshots

I have really enjoyed the opportunities I've been given to create professional headshots for clients. The pricing for these sessions vary, determined by the hiring client (a corporation vs. an individual).

from: $250

Corporate Events

The cost varies for these events, determined by time and digital images requested.

Please contact me for a quote

Engagement + Couples

I love the opportunity to photograph couples, showcasing their love. If you are in the process of wedding planning, I would love to photograph your engagement session!

from: $250